The Shophouse 1527, Rama IV road, Bangkok

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Part I: Tea Experience

Every day we encounter pollution in ways that affect our senses and eventually reach into our souls. At first glance, our daily lives might seem content and fruitful, even beautiful but we cannot avoid it. Day by day the toxic nature of pollution becomes stronger, until it will affect us as deeply as our souls. As a result, this might have a strong impact on us in the future, with effects that we might neither be conscious of, nor yet be able to predict.

We struggle to keep pollution from affecting our emotions, but amidst the pressures of our ever-transforming capitalist world we struggle with this. In our everyday lives and when looking at our society, we can hardly avoid that our inner life be tainted as well. If only we could stop and pause. Now – in this present moment ­– there is all we need to realize what is happening. We have this present moment to adjust ourselves, to see what is appropriate in our thoughts and actions and, through this process, to mitigate some of the long-term suffering.

Tea is used in this event as a tool or method for adjusting ourselves and for being conscious of what is happening. Appreciating tea in this special way can lessen the grip affectations have on our soul. The phenomena of transience and permanence are captured in the tea ceremony by the contrast between the tea’s fleeting aromas and its long-term effects on your wellbeing. These concepts are represented through the taste and characteristics of tea from different brewing time and the causes of the emotive pollution. Hence, you can see this tea experience as a positive inversion to the way in which emotional pollution affects you. Through mindfully witnessing the passing sensations of tea appreciation, we will heighten our awareness of when our emotions are polluted, and we will diminish the suffering that comes from that.

Tea Activist

Mantana Tien

Portrait Photographer

Christian Hogue

Part II: The Installation

Environmental modifications caused by needs of a densely growing population - global warming, water degradation, decline in biodiversity, defaunation, unmanageable excessive waste, and polluted air; are problems of cities around the world, including Bangkok. We rise in rankings, being one of most polluted world cities, while numerous sectors and individuals that took parts in these alterations, including the government, still fails to tackle these problems which in turn affect us - every single being - floras and faunas. 

It is not only ecological but also sociological matters, starts with one and all, then one and all will have to face the outcome eventually. Even those who think they have options in living are destined for the same fate at varying extents and degrees. As in Escher’s Ascending and Descending that we climbed up and down the staircase to nowhere, we are all in an inescapable architecture. You could choose be those other two who ignore to take part in this cycle, for the time being, but will be brought to realise the fault of negligence sooner or later.

Flowers and foliages, in diverse species and characters, have been selected as mediums to represent us all biotas in this installation; drawing the simulation of their temporality from those with longer lifespan. Accelerating their time under humanly environmental constraints, questions of transitionally and vibrationally actions and inaction, in the cycle, are hope to be raised.

Tul Chompaisal
Nichada Duangwongsri
Siraphatsorn Chumnongwongse
Jutamas Kraijak
Nattakarn Tanataweetum
Charoenkit Chinkrajangkit

System Engineer
Lekkla Sripijit

Structure Engineer
Korakot Loudsirimongkol

Lighting Designer
SEAM Design

Teerachai Sanjaisri

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