The Installation
The extension of Pak Klong Talat district, commonly known as Bangkok flower market, was explored by 3 scattered installations.

Tango Trio, a collaboration between PHKA and @humansofflowermarket by Arch SU, aims to create out-of-place pieces using local finds while playing with their contexts and passersby.

Tango #1

Location: Chakkraphet - Baan Mo intersection

Tango #2

Location: Yodpiman Market 

Tango #3

Location: Under Phra Pokklao Bridge (next to First Post Office Monument)

Designers / Florists
Tul Chompaisal
Vissata Duangwongsri
Thienchai Kraising
Nicharee Sammapan
Nattakarn Tanataweetum
Chutima Tangsinchai
Likhit Jiwvisesna
Prechaya Thananilkul

Communication Designers

Natthorn Tansurat

Thanat Laoharawee


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