The Fouetté Flower
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ATT19, Captain Bush lane, Bangkok

Cultural District 2021
Museum Siam, Discovery Museum, Bangkok

The Installation

Flower and container, together, is an interdependent relationship. Even it might be a subjective view, but good-shaped flowers would not be composed as a beautiful arrangement with an inappropriate vase, and vice versa. As a floral designer, PHKA, tries to experiment with this association; with an aim that we may discover some new experience in viewing the whole arrangement.

The kinetic container might not be a whole new idea except colour and shape of flowers; and their spatial relationship in motion were also taken into consideration. With these combinations and patterns; at the specific moment or unspecific period; audience may nevertheless find their own unique and favourite amusement.

Tul Chompaisal
Vissata Duangwongsri
Romrawin Pipatnudda  

System Engineer
Lekkla Sripijt

Communication Designer
Nichada Duangwongsri 
Natthorn Tansurat

Lighting Designer
SEAM Design

Teerachai Sanjaisri
Thanat Laoharawee


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