Panpuri Pride Parade

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Excerpt from the brand

Like a flower yearning for the sun.
Like a bird fluttering across the sky.
The soul seeks freedom to express itself, unburdened and limitless.

Interview with PHKA

How has gender influenced your art over the years?

PHKA: From the outset, we embraced the concept of sexuality as an expression of personal taste. This approach was integral to our work, which revolved around customising designs to suit the unique requirements and preferences of each individual. We were fully aware that gender alone did not dictate any identical tastes among individuals. Consequently, we hold the belief that gender should not serve as a limitation or a defining factor in the realm of art and design.

Why did you choose flowers as a medium for your artistic expression?

PHKA: Everyone of us at PHKA share a deep fascination in flowers. Despite being commonly perceived as ordinary elements in our daily lives, we approach flowers with the intent of unlocking their inherent value and catering to clients and audiences who share our appreciation for their beauty. As floral designers, we see ourselves as storytellers, with flowers serving as the primary characters through which narratives are effectively conveyed.

For example, in this piece we proposed to PAÑPURI, we allow the flowers to take center stage, weaving together a vibrant tale of exuberance, festivity, and pure joy. Each delicately crafted flower showcases intricate designs that capture the lively rhythm of blissful individuals in motion, encapsulating the very essence of happiness.

What message do you wish to convey in the future in your art?

PHKA: Honestly, as florists, our focus primarily lies in the present moment rather than projecting too far into the future (or the past). We strive to deeply comprehend the current context and circumstances, allowing us to adopt a thoughtful perspective and develop our artistic pieces based on what we believe to be right. Our approach involves embracing the present reality and creating designs that resonate our chosen standpoint.

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