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A week long workshop with an installation in French countryside

Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

Boisbuchet Summer Workshop 2022 - Recharge, Repair, Reset
Excerpt from the program

What shall we do? The engine is overheated, poorly maintained and then there’s sand in the gearbox… Perhaps the forced deceleration we’re experiencing, with partial standstills, is just in time to take a closer look. We’ve known for a long time about the need for a circular economy, that CO2 emissions must be climate neutral, that power means responsibility and violence only increases the problem. We won’t reinvent the wheel, the house or the chair, but we can repair and improve a lot to make better use of our resources. Let’s use design to fix things and share the ride together.

The Workshop

Excessive amount of waste created by our pace of daily life, spending seconds to made instant decisions on the most efficient way possible, will certainly return to affect us in the coming decades. Realising roots of problems and preventing them from happening is one thing but dealing with the waste that has been already produced is also necessary. By contrast, flowers and plants, with their temporal quality, are materials to work in slow speed – hours or even days. It will be a time-consuming and self-reflecting project to create a piece.

This workshop will be about slowing down our own passage of time by using locally-grown flowers and plants as mediums, together with upcycled waste. We would collectively create parts of ephemeral installation in a predefined space, contrastively question our utilisation of time and space.

The installation

Safety fence found at nearby Maison du Jardin‘s construction site and extra clay pots left from Ahmed and Rashid bin Shabib’s Arab Pigeon Tower, together became a container for the floral installation. Filled with locally foraged and acquired vegetation including bamboo, sorrel and sunflower; the hectometer piece built a temporary topography in the summer lawn, reconnecting an axis between 19th century Dependance and Brückner & Brückner’s Log Cabin.

Tul Chompaisal
Pradubwong Hongvisedchai
Chutima Tangsinchai

Benny Nemer
Lillian Wright
Clémentine Merle
Meaghan Lass
María Torres Traverso
Cassandra Lee
Petra Kooij
Agustina Arias
Stav Bozaglo

Boisbuchet Technical Team
Carlos Guisasola Suarez
Johannes Schellenberg

Bensu Karamustafa
Samael Covarrubias
Photo courtesy of CIRECA / Domaine de Boisbuchet

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